Tradies the focus of next Fyshwick drive through vaccination hub

Getting the construction industry fully vaccinated ASAP is the goal of the Fyshwick Business Association and Master Builders ACT teaming up to run another pop up drive through AstraZeneca vaccination clinic this Saturday, 11 September.

“Many of our members are in construction and keen to see all workers fully vaccinated as soon as possible, particularly their contractors and sub-contractors who might be working across more than one site,” Fyshwick Business Association President Rob Evans said.

“We learnt from our pop up trial last week that some people aren’t able to make a booking for a range of reasons so being able to just turn up for a vaccination worked really well for them.”

The Tradies Super Saturday pop up vaccination hub will be held this Saturday 11 September, 9am-2pm in the car park of Master Builders ACT, 1 Iron Knob Street, Fyshwick.

Master Builders ACT CEO, Michael Hopkins said, “The construction industry is doing a great job encouraging its workforce to get vaccinated. But we know that’s sometimes difficult to organise amongst our workforce. We hope that this will enable more tradies to get a jab, as well as get it sooner.

“This is a really vital step in keeping building sites open and our workers, colleagues, families and the wider community safe,” Mr Hopkins said.

Mr Evans said businesses were keen to contribute to efforts to get the community vaccinated.

“Since the trial we’ve had so much positive support – businesses just want to see us get back to normal again as soon as possible and are doing whatever they can to make this happen. We’ve had generous offers from a number of local businesses and as a result we’re able to say thank you to every tradie who gets a jab with us this Saturday with a beer and burrito voucher courtesy of Jim Murphy’s Market Cellars and Guzman y Gomez.

“We also learnt last week that there are still hesitations around AstraZeneca, but ATAGI changing its advice this week that you can now get your second AZ jab 4-8 weeks after your first is a game changer in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak. In practical terms, if you get your first AZ jab today and your second four weeks later, you’ll be fully vaccinated and protected months before you can get in to have a single Pfizer shot.

“The message is this: don’t wait for Pfizer, get fully vaccinated with AZ now.”

Dr Joe Oguns and the staff from the KENOLTA Medical Centre in Nicholls will be managing the clinical side of vaccinations again.

More information is available here.

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