Just a few kilometres from Parliament House and the national institutions, Fyshwick is a riotous mash-up of Canberra’s best “industrial mixed-use”. Fyshwick is number three in Canberra’s top 10 places to work with more than 15,500 workers.

From the iconic Fyshwick Markets to the furniture and flooring, car yards and creatives, builders and breweries, bikes, bricks and bric-a-brac, welders and wedding dresses, car washes and so much more, over 1,500 businesses, serving over a million customers and visitors each year are sustaining our economy and playing their part in Canberra’s aspiration to become the “coolest little capital in the world”.

The Fyshwick Business Association is proud to represent them. We are a not-for-profit group founded in 2019. We are constituted under the ACT Associations Incorporation Act 1991 and governed by our Board. We champion the interests of local businesses and their customers and workers.

Research shows 97 per cent of Canberrans visit Fyshwick every year, and one in five at least once a week. So, what happens in Fyshwick affects the whole of Canberra.

For too long, Fyshwick has been neglected in planning Canberra’s future. Now, we are changing that.

The ACT Government agreed with our campaign saying large-scale waste facilities were not appropriate for Fyshwick and in early 2021 passed legislation banning them, as well as prohibiting any future expansion of existing waste facilities.

We are looking to the future and taking action to ensure the continued momentum, economic prosperity and sustainability of our dynamic precinct.


  • Rob Evans – Allbids.com.au (President)
  • Johnathan Efkarpidis – Molonglo Group
  • Jane Crowley – Dirty Jane’s
  • Scott Desmond – Fyshwick Car and Dog Wash
  • Dimitri Nikias – Nikias Diamond
  • Fyshwick 1